Attention Texans/In Memory Of Luanne Emmons(redone 9/8/06)




This page was originally done at a point when we couldn't find my sis-in-law, and was what Luanne (pictured above) called "the face on the milk carton" page when she saw it. I briefly removed the page at her request, then re-did it shortly after Lu died under suspicious circumstances on July 4, 2001 in hopes someone would see it and come forward with information that would solve the mystery surrounding her death.


Instead of info about what really happened to Lu, I heard from the daughter of the one witness to her demise - and it turns out that he, whom we had suspected may have played more of a part than he admitted (mostly because his story changed each time we spoke), had passed away under similar circumstances. [Begin theme from "The Twilight Zone" here]




.....But it gets even weirder.





In 2005, in my email account that's not connected to this web site, I got a message from a psychic who said (in part) "She didn't like the attention when she was alive, and she doesn't like it now that she's dead." Since she also said many other things about my husband's family that she couldn't have known unless she was related, I took the psychic's word for it that she had been in touch with my sis-in-law. The psychic also confirmed what my heart had been telling me about Lu's death - that there was more to the situation than we'd been told even though we will probably never learn the whole truth until we meet Lu on the "other side".


Once again, I briefly took this page down, but sorry, Lu - your brother and I need to have some sort of tribute to you here for our own peace, and I apologise for the "attention" it brings to you......



Therefore, although this is how we prefer to remember you:

(Our double wedding at Fryeburg Health Care Center in July 1983)
[Note: Lu got married twice more, hubby and I are still together]


This is all we see of you these days:





We love you, Sis, and miss you more than words can express.....



Update April 2010: Since I was searching for other genealogical information about the Emmons family and kept coming up with sites that claim (1) Luanne is still alive and (2) for a fee, they'll not only give you HER current information, but information on everyone she has ever known, I thought it might be a good idea to post her obituary here and direct all of them to MY site so they can confirm her demise!! So here it is:

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Luanne Emmons, 38, of San Antonio, Texas, and formerly of Fryeburg, died July 4, 2001, in San Antonio.
She was born in San Antonio, the daughter of Sylvester and Judith Case Burns. At an early age, her mother married Bruce Emmons, and she was adopted by Bruce. She grew up in Fryeburg and attended Fryeburg Academy. Her junior year she transferred to Lakes Region High School and graduated from there. She lived in Florida for a time and returned to Maine and worked in real estate. For the past 10 years she had lived in San Antonio and worked as a publicist for the National Reserve Law Officers Association.
She is survived by her adopted father, Bruce Emmons, of Zephyrhills, Fla.; her biological father, Sylvester Burns, of Mathis, Texas; one brother, William Emmons, of Gray, Maine; and one half-sister, Dorothy Nulton, of Harveys Lake, Pa.
Visiting hours will be Sunday from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Wood Funeral Home, 12 Warren Street, Fryeburg. A graveside service will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at Pine Grove Cemetery in Brownfield, with the Rev. Violet Eastman officiating.


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